Bring your life back to Norma
Psychological project "Norma" under the leadership of O. Lekontsev and e. Vasilyeva
Practical experience of specialists from
7 to 13 years
More than 50 000 hours
of consultations
A systematic approach
to problems and solutions
Method based on the knowledge and achievements of practical psychology, neurophysiology, ethology, biology, philosophy and theory of thinking
If it is easier for you to perceive information by ear
Leave a request our assistant who knows all the answers will call you back
Center for practical psychology. Analytical and statistical research. Online and offline educational training events. Continuing education and advanced training courses from proficient trainers.
Psychological project "Norma" under the leadership of O. V. Lekontsev
Our projects
Center for Practical Psychology "Norma"
We will bring you to the physical and psychological norma.
“Career and business"
We will help you to build up a career and achieve the desired results in business.
We will help children and teenagers to understand themselves and to communicate with the persons of the same age and adults easily
Real skills of communication
We will make your communication efficient and comfortable.
mobile app Norma
Application for self-diagnosis, self-improvement and diary for results.
ДПО и повышение квалификации
Настоящее практическое ДПО, где вы получите современные актуальные знания и навыки, а не просто «корочку»
Intuitive interface, clear picture of your changes.
Что такое проект «Норма»?
объединяющий в себе лучшее из теории и практики:
— психологии
— нейрофизиологии
— этологии
— биологии
— философии
— и теории мышления
которые помимо основного психологического образования и многочасовой практики обладают знаниями в других предметных областях, коллективно создавая и развивая метод.
Наш подход позволяет эффективно и качественно запускать ваши изменения и делать результаты более устойчивыми.
которые включают в себя не только теоретические знания, но и практические навыки работы, которые вы сможете начать применять прямо во время прохождения курса.
При всей многочисленности психологов и разнообразии направлений, практических специалистов, способных качественно определить проблему и решать задачи клиентов, на рынке недостаточно. За последнее время спрос на услуги психологов-практиков вырос в разы.
После обучения вы сможете либо работать самостоятельно, либо присоединиться к нашему Проекту.
В нашем проекте работают ответственные и добросовестные специалисты, которые нацелены на решение вашей проблемы
в кратчайшие сроки
Понятный алгоритм работы с конкретной проблемой дает нам возможность обеспечить ваши изменения в срок от 3 до 20 часов вместо многолетних посещений
Попасть в нашу команду сложно, но можно. Мы обращаем внимание не только на образование и стаж, но и на реальные кейсы, навыки работы и личные качества специалиста
Если остались вопросы или вы хотите записаться к специалисту
Оставьте заявку, наша помощница с вами свяжется
мы постоянно развиваемся
In what ways we can help
If you want to "repair" any area of your life and solve a problem
Choose a specialist and make an appointment please
If you want
If you would like to know more about the problem i.e.
Choose a problem area and a suitable educational program
— how it works
— where it comes from
— the way it can be solved

to improve your qualification or get new skills, or a new profession
Why should you trust us?
your secrets will not leave our office
Because of personal responsibility and the ethical code of practical psychologists that make this information confidential

С вами работают профессионалы
Наш опыт и квалификация позволяют быстро запустить ваши изменения и помочь вам достичь устойчивых результатов
Why are we so sure that we can help you?
Very different people come to us with very different requests:
Beautiful, talented men and women who dream of strong, trusting, reliable relationships, but each time they seem to choose the wrong ones, or behave in such a way that the relationship collapses before it gets stronger
Those who have built relationships, but due to a lot of of problems and stresses of modern reality, have lost contact and intimacy, and every day that could have been a pleasant holiday turns into quarrels, disappointment and heart pain
Tired or angry parents who are often annoyed with their children for their laziness, unwillingness to listen and hear, study, help around the house and generally do or solve at least something

Parents who have lost the meaning of life after their children have grown up, who cannot cope with the feeling of abandonment and uselessness and find new values and meanings
For many years of work, we most likely faced with a problem or task similar to yours.
Entrepreneurs who are "stuck" and even super-efforts do not help them grow, and they are tired of these destructive super-efforts
Cool specialists who would have been promoted a long time ago, but they are not able to prove themselves or talk to their bosses , and at meetings and presentations they seem to lose their voice at all, or got lost and forget their speech
Successful managers who experience enormous stress on every day basis, but do not know how to remove it in order to continue to be effective in meetings and difficult negotiations
People who are stuck in an unloved job with an inadequate boss, but can neither stand up for themselves, nor change the company
sensitive people who are tired of life and endless problems so much that they have lost their goals and guidelines, and in some cases, themselves
Those who are painfully experiencing breakup or the loss of a loved one
Those who have worn out their body with stress for a long time, and now doctors do not really understand what to do with it
Those who are generally confused, lost, feel unhappy, can not overcome fear and other negative emotions, have problems in different spheres of life
If you feel that your life could be better than it is now
Leave a request for an appointment
but you can't or don't know how to solve your problems or get out of the crisis
Our method allows to work With a wide variety of problems in all spheres of life
Practical functional psychology allows you to unravel the cause-and-effect relationships existing between the mental state, environmental conditions (context), human behavior (reaction) and readjust states and behavior to suit your request and goals, or as we say in the Center: "bring it back to norma".

A person is a complicated complex system, so it is ineffective to work with him only at one level (for example, the psyche or physical condition).

Our method combines the best of the following sciences: psychology, neurophysiology, ethology, biology, philosophy and theory of thinking, which allows you to get a stable result in a fairly short time.
come to our Center to get Continuing Education or for advanced training

If you are interested in our method,
Mobile app "Norma"
We are the first psychological center that provides our clients with a professional application for self-diagnosis and analytics

Functions of the Application
Keeping a diary of the states and results
While working with a specialist, you will be able to track your dynamics yourself using convenient graphs and charts

You will be able to structure the problem, to create a so-called mind map and on its basis to build up the map of solutions. Awareness of the problem is the first step to solve it

Building up personal strategy
You can watch lectures right inside the app
Built-in training
Only your specialist can see your data. He chooses psychotechnologies for further work, sees problem areas that require more attention on the bases of the reports on your hometasks

And remember, all psychological processes can be changed and "repaired"
If you want to repair it yourself, come to us for training
If you can't repair it yourself or you don't know how, make an appointment with our specialist

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8-800 - 600- 42-55
Москва, Глинищевский пер, 6
Psychological project "Norma" under the leadership of O. V. Lekontsev
8-800 - 600- 42-55
Москва, Глинищевский пер, 6